Maskking Aroma Zero – Aloe Vera Grape

Maskking Aroma Zero – Aloe Vera Grape


Maskking’s iconic and recognisable branding signature is on full display in this large-capacity vape. The Aroma Zero presents an array of soothing dreamy colours, from pastel to icy blue, with lemongrass tones in between.

Maskking Aroma Zero – Aloe Vera Grape

The Aroma is rechargeable and enables up to 6000 puffs. A comfortable cylindrical shape with a polished surface makes it easy to hold and carry in your pocket.


  • Fashionable design
  • Easy to use, draw-attractive without button
  • White lights on the bottom indicate the vape is working
  • 8 seconds timeout protection function
  • Supports charging while vaping

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